Inline Patcher

The Sassilization Inline Patcher is a utility application which fixes “bad inline model number #, worldmodel not yet setup” errors in Source engine BSP files. These errors are very common and cause many people to crash on certain maps, regardless of game or gamemode. Valve recently made an attempt to fix them, but the problem remains.

Theoretically, the patcher supports virtually any Source game and BSP version. It was created in Java by Mozartkugeln and Sonic5039.

How it works

The cause of bad inline model errors is the presence of static content (decals) on dynamic brush entities (doors, moving platforms, breakable glass panes, rotating parts and so on). This application analyzes the map and tries to find such occurences using a procedural lookup method based on the brush models' faces. This is what the number in the errors represents — the index of the inline model causing problems. If invalid decals are found, they are removed from the entity lump and the new, patched map is saved.