Ban List

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SteamID Player Reason Expiry Admin
STEAM_0:0:48035368 ♡ ღ Ms.Hop.. Racism & Racism for the last time on forums / servers. Never S!coJnr & Toni (RPvP)
STEAM_0:0:55676356 D3adm3ntellnolies Coordinated DDoS attacks from IP Never Arco
STEAM_0:1:54977377 amazon1 Alt of a permabanned user (Skeeter/Teargerk) Never Secret♪
STEAM_0:1:37307646 NSK Phil Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:52064898 AceofQuuennns Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:37642422 [] Volocity Reversal on Donations & Donation Fraud Never Aaron
STEAM_0:1:16110278 SpenceyBoi Unforgivable behavior Never Mozartkugeln
STEAM_0:0:9863601 Babbaj Posting child porn Never S!coJnr
STEAM_0:1:48608089 Birthday Party Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:45995550 [CL]$Nasty$ Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:36920172 (David)Dx___David Speedhacker & Extended. For good. Never Knoxed & Mozartkugeln
STEAM_0:0:7257372 XP DDoS. Don't do that again, it's a perma next time. & Put a banana in your ear. Never Mozartkugeln & Arco (no monitor)
STEAM_0:1:16970247 Mrkrabz DDoS/Hacking Never Mr. Giggles
STEAM_0:1:15483416 [NL]Slippertje[NL] Never Arco
Unknown HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX & HAX Never Sassbot & Sassbot & Sassbot & Sassbot & Sassbot & Sassbot &
STEAM_0:0:37087441 [SkiLL3R] GhøsTâ.. Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:39878022 Jeremy Alt of a permabanned user ( Reteeks ) . & Extended Never Ntag & Quack
STEAM_0:0:30874190 Awesomesauce Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:24747966 ZOMBIEKICKERASSER Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:35655302 [L-G]Bonified920 Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:12667741 Peter Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:38581282 iTerrorist Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:19345248 Cherry Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:48602835 ByB@ | SomeGuy Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:20928928 Sly Tendencies Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:27274129 ||-NtN-|| popi4000 Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:47270640 a homosexual Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:24857790 Todcat Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:46782188 Rambo Jr. Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:48073051 dylaniso1 Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:22689778 PuRpLeHaZe - FUCK ACTA Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:44161293 julia Alt of a permabanned user (Skeeter/Teargerk) Never Ntag
STEAM_0:0:39962440 Pfc. Clark [1st RB] Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:15031301 [PoKi] flying pig?-_^ Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:38545573 [HQS] Marcus Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:38572580 <(^_^<)apple.. Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:17275724 Kashmir Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:19831541 Ultrisity Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:40337315 Stan Alt of permabanned user (Ceeren). Never Arcky
STEAM_0:0:45516709 Yonkers Alt of permabanned user (Pizzookie). Never Arcky
STEAM_0:0:46484929 T-Rex Alt of permabanned user (Dirty Condom). Never Arcky
STEAM_0:0:42642787 [APC-TROLL] GearHead Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:24528802 Default` Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:18912003 [F2B] KoolKidKarl2k8 Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:13392683 MWT Scripting. Past Offences Under Other Aliases Never cfergs
STEAM_0:1:42535044 Leverage Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:18279666 Razormane Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:40953131 Minimacfox Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:1:32003040 pancake mix Running SethHack Never Console
STEAM_0:0:22839696 PaulWHF Running SethHack Never Console
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