Ban List

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SteamID Player Reason Expiry Admin
STEAM_0:0:4605688 (Ŧƒ|ADM)à¹.. Reversal on Donation Never cold
STEAM_0:0:14757666 (ÐŤĤ|Я)à.. Failed to read the sticky. Is this a ban-me? Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:18334381 Unknown Hacking Never cold
STEAM_0:0:19474879 ??? ?Ø??????? Spamming Never cold
STEAM_0:1:10325626 Unknown Reversal On Donation Never cold
STEAM_0:0:16056518 Unknown Reversal On Donation Never cold
STEAM_0:1:11648578 Scooby Crashing Never cold
STEAM_0:0:13388289 pharmastore Attempting to crash servers Never cold
STEAM_0:0:14656793 - Crashing Never cold
STEAM_0:1:10578129 --(RoCKST(a)R)-- Spamming/Disrespect Never cold
STEAM_0:1:377851 Xeldof Spamming/Disrespect Never cold
STEAM_0:0:16929571 tequebro Asked to be Banned Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:14513283 Homestyle Barbecued L.. Crashing Never Spacetech
STEAM_0:0:11801739 Avaster Breaking the Rules Never Unknown
STEAM_0:0:18434768 Tails Too many bans in one month Never Spacegoat
STEAM_0:0:17261740 Phantom DOSing Sassilization servers Never cold
STEAM_0:1:5905033 -=GG=-Cube DOSing Sassilization Server #4 Never cold
STEAM_0:0:11364865 Doctor Racism Never cold
STEAM_0:0:25590611 DJ kingtech Charge back Never cold
STEAM_0:1:18544516 Inavi Yeah Never cold
STEAM_0:0:19228490 ºAtreyu º Spamming/racism/Wanting to be banned Never Slice
STEAM_0:0:7382018 killerj Chargeback Never cold
STEAM_0:0:15221101 Meteormike Nice to see you've changed much. Never cold
STEAM_0:0:7642620 DR. Death <3 Never cold
STEAM_0:0:16625735 - Crashing Never cold
STEAM_0:0:6792962 Unkonwn Impersonating Admins Never cold
STEAM_0:0:13381061 Danny the Magical Tur.. Breaking Rules Never cold
STEAM_0:1:4165865 Trainwreck Exploit Abuse Never cold
STEAM_0:1:6599772 Ravage Money Exploitation Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:0:7322492 [MD]Capt. Micro Speed hacking Never cold
STEAM_0:0:13016302 jesus Asshole Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:13517323 (DuckStudios)[S7] LUA.. Chat Spam Never cold
STEAM_0:1:1503784 ๖ۣۜNight.. Money Exploitation Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:7723817 Matt Mic Spam Never cold
STEAM_0:1:17755893 hockles Chat Spam Never cold
STEAM_0:0:13088133 Sgt. Saggitarius Mic Spam Never cold
STEAM_0:1:77373145 Busta69 Appalling behaviour, not welcome here anymore Never Bang Ding Ow,
STEAM_0:0:1402095 Anomaly Exploit Abuse Never cold
STEAM_0:1:798694 LuaPie Asshole Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:17558725 ToonMan Breaking Rules Never Sub
STEAM_0:1:7128082 Sly Cooper Spamming Never cold
STEAM_0:0:8729134 Foxy Speed Hacking Never cold
STEAM_0:0:750394 Rockstar Disrespect Never cold
STEAM_0:0:12414563 general pie Inappropriate Behavior / Misconduct Never cold
STEAM_0:1:15330587 Illadelph Racism Never sub
STEAM_0:0:15575172 Vicious Racism Never sub
STEAM_0:0:18698788 burnout-PL Reversal On Donation Never cold
STEAM_0:0:3869714 KrAm Racism Never subBLACK
STEAM_0:0:9840668 Reyxarh Compliments of Spraus Never Sassafrass
STEAM_0:1:20035029 skaterpunk Disrespect Never cold
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